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MicroStrategy Training

Agiliz launches a comprehensive education program designed to give individuals and teams a deep understanding of the basics of enterprise analytics, how and why big data works in their industries, and hands-on experience with the MicroStrategy platform. Through instructor-led workshops, you’ll get an overview of analytics concepts, and MicroStrategy products and features, then take a deep dive into platform capabilities.



Learn how to produce interactive, visually compelling dashboards and reports. Use on the go with your mobile device



Connect to your data, whether it’s from a database, Excel, Salesforce, Facebook, or even big data sources like Hadoop



Create visualizations to quickly identify trends, patterns, and anomalies

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Experience the self-service part of the MicroStrategy 2019 platform during this 1-day comprehensive course. Discover how you can transform your raw data into good looking Dossiers, consisting of a meaningful storyline for the end-user, in just minutes. You will learn how to answer ad-hoc questions on the fly by introducing innovative data discovery features into your Dossier. Also, you will get an introduction to the sharing, collaboration and responsive design possibilities of the brand new MicroStrategy Library.


Already some experience with the self-service part of MicroStrategy and ready for your first steps in the more advanced part of the platform? On day 1 of this 2-day course, you will learn everything a power-user needs to know regarding the advanced reporting concepts of MicroStrategy web. On day 2, you will learn how to create highly formatted, pixel-perfect management enterprise dashboards most commonly used for financial statements, performance scorecards, executive reporting applications and mobile applications.


Learn everything you need to know about the components of a MicroStrategy project, including an introduction to MicroStrategy metadata and the fundamentals of a project design process. You will build the governed reporting layer (called the semantic graph) of a MicroStrategy project, which will be used by all end-users, and learn the tips and tricks on how to tweak the system performance for very fast response times throughout the entire MicroStrategy platform. When everything is set, you will get an introduction on advanced dashboarding, where you will learn to create highly formatted, pixel-perfect management enterprise dashboards.


As an administrator you will learn how to set-up and configure a new MicroStrategy project from scratch and get a comprehensive introduction on all its fundamentals: Connecting to new data sources, different connectivity modes, user management and security, automating administrative tasks, system monitoring and governing and an introduction to MicroStrategy Workstation and Platform Analytics. Two new tools, every MicroStrategy admin should know about.

What's included?

Agiliz offers the opportunity to quickly develop MicroStrategy skills with our training program. From a one day training that will cover MicroStrategy fundamentals, to three day architect training that will cover more advanced topics. Students can take a single, stand-alone class or attend the different classes.

What to expect?

Each class includes a combination of interactive instruction and hands-on exercises. Students also have the opportunity to participate in workshops designed to reinforce and deepen their understanding of product concepts. You’ll walk away with the confidence to apply new MicroStrategy skills once you’re back in the office.

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