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Actionable Insights



This can be the start of a project or an individual service. We'll offer you a Technical Assessment and/or a Business Intelligence Assessment. The Technical Assessment equals a health check of your current BI environment. We'll deliver a report with Intelligence Server configuration recommendations and general infrastructure (ex. Webserver config but also how much RAM,...). The Business Assessment consist of a BI maturity check and workshop(s) to demonstrate our capabilities with Microstrategy. This results into a BI pilot project that will create the necessary awareness in your organisation (if needed). We'll finish up with a clearly defined roadmap to establish a BI journey with insights you can act upon.


If you're about to build a house, you'll need an architect to design it for you. Same thing goes for a BI project. In this stage we'll deliver: dashboard mockups, business analysis and a technical analysis with a list of reports and report elements. The length of this phase depends entirely on the scope. This can be anything from a couple of hours to a couple of months.


This step contains ETL and/or Microstrategy development, Unit Testing with Test Data, and Release. It goes without saying that the length of the build phase depends on the scope of the project. Note that we'll do this with agility, describing the epics, stories and sprint in collaboration with our clients.


Everything we build is tested. We'll guide the user acceptance testing as well. We'll evaluate the impact on the existing environment and perform security tests. Microstrategy has great administration tools build in to perform this, document it and act upon.

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In this stage we're offering our services for your administration, tuning and release management within MicroStrategy. Think about automated deployment of releases, setting up the system manager workflows to automate common tasks. Optimising Microstrategy environment and tuning reports to improve performance.


An agile/scrum project ends with a thorough retrospective. It's a meeting which involves every stakeholder. Each step is evaluated and lessons will be learned. It's by looking back at the appropriate moment you take time to grow and be ready for the tasks ahead.


Agiliz offers the widest range of training possible for your MicroStrategy coworkers. We bring your MicroStrategy developer, Analyst, Advanced Analyst or Project Architect up to speed with the latest developments.

"This project is probably one of the most fun to mention. We're processing close to 15 TB of data, gathered by 24 national post offices, 180 postal operators, 3.000 RFID Gates in 50 countries on 20 different mail registration devices. This adds up to more than 3 billion data inputs per year or 10 million tracking events per day. It's massive.With this project, we're displaying our total consultancy capacity: from ETL over MicroStrategy to Ad Hoc training.

International Postal Company


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