A data warehouse for a cloud-first era

In any data strategy, a place to store all the information is key. At Utensio, we believe in the power and benefits of Snowflake as the hub for your structured and semi-structured data efforts. Snowflake is a real-time cloud-native SQL data warehouse that makes data collection easy and enables rapid analytics, something that traditional data warehouses have struggled to do. Besides unlocking the advantages of the cloud for your repository, Snowflake’s architecture allows for easy management, powerful performance and more.

What makes Snowflake unique

Leverage current tools and skills

As a fully relational ANSI SQL data warehouse, Snowflake lets you use the resources already present in your organization. This saves training and additional software investment costs.

Zero management

Snowflake stays true to its promise of a data warehouse-as-a-service. You get the performance you need, while Snowflake handles infrastructure, optimization, availability, data protection and more.

Structured and semi-structured

Whether you work with traditional sources or new machine-generated ones, Snowflake offers patented technology that can handle both your structured and unstructured data, such as JSON, Avro and XML.

Automatic provisioning and scaling

Stellar performance is guaranteed by Snowflake’s automated functionality, made possible by a patented architecture that separates compute from storage. Automatic provisioning lets you deploy wherever you want – AWS, Azure or Google Cloud – in a matter of minutes. Automatic scaling prevents query bottlenecks and returns tasks and queries in a flash.


Built from the ground up for the cloud, a Snowflake data warehouse lets you unlock the benefits of the cloud like never before. This includes only paying for what you use, replication across regions to ensure continuity, and easy sharing within and across organizations.

Real time

Data needs to support business decisions at the right moment, not a week later. On top of delivering unprecedented performance, the real-time data warehouse enables quick and on-the-spot reporting. Reports that used to take two to three days to compile are now created in less than an hour.

Unlock trusted insights with Snowflake

We’ve got Snowflake down pat. Want to get started with gaining more value from your data? Then we can use Snowflake to unlock the insights hidden in your data.

Our six-step plan to get the most out of Snowflake


Assessment and advice

We map out which workloads and data would yield the best results when moved to Snowflake. We advise you on the optimal course of action.


Migration and replication

We move your data from legacy databases to Snowflake and make sure it’s replicated across regions to ensure continuity.


Set up modern data pipelines and architecture

We prepare your architecture and data pipelines for real-time processing, so information is available whenever you need it.


Governance, sharing and quality

Breaking down the barriers of data silos allows you to easily share and use your data. We make sure the necessary governance is in place to ensure security and data quality.


Accelerate your analytics

Thanks to the cloud-native character of Snowflake and the real-time data warehouse this provides, we can significantly speed up the reporting time and time-to-market of your products and services.


Support and training

Once everything is set up, we provide the training and support to keep you going with your new Snowflake data warehouse.

Get started with Snowflake

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