The hassle-free way to prepare and use your data

No amount of data will ever be useful without proper integration, preparation and analytics. Pentaho, a Hitachi Vantara product, offers you the tools to do just that. Its data integration tools give companies all the robust ETL capabilities they need to prepare any type of data for the next step. Once properly packaged, Pentaho’s pipeline passes this information on to its business analytics suite. Here you can extract the necessary insights to empower your organisation.

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Open source

Whether you prefer the flexibility of an open-source or an enterprise license, Pentaho provides the solution. You can choose an open-source format, which allows you to test the software on a small scale, free of charge. If you opt to buy the enterprise version, you are guaranteed the added security of Pentaho support.


Larger user bases benefit as Pentaho is in a position to offer an excellent pricing model to companies with many users.

One platform for the entire pipeline

Choosing Pentaho means choosing a platform that covers your data analytics pipeline from A to Z. From prepping your data in its data integration tool to analysing the retrieved information. Pentaho speeds up the entire process to rapidly uncover real-time insights that enhance your business outcomes.