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We provide powerful software solutions and expert services that help organisations transform using the power of data. With MicroStrategy, organisation can empower every individual with actionable intelligence, helping them unleash the full potential of their people and investments.

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Federated Analytics


Power the tools employees love - including 3rd party data discovery and data science tools - with a single version of the truth.

Transformational Mobility


Multiple strategies to speed the development of mobile productivity apps tailored to various business functions and roles on all standard mobile devices.



A new category of analytics that imbues every word, object, place, room and wall with zeo-click personalized Intelligence.

MicroStrategy Analytics platform

From enterprise reporting and data discovery, to mobile productivity and real-time telemetry, only MicroStrategy gives organisations the full breadth of capabilities they need to transform into an Intelligent Enterprise.

A unified intelligence platform.

MicroStrategy is built to enable organisations to quickly deploy sophisticated analytical and mobile applications at scale. Our platform architecture is uniquely suited to deliver high performance applications and meet the business intelligence demands of every user and every organization.

A blueprint for succces

To help guide organisations on their journey towards data-driven transformation, we have developed a comprehensive Map of the Intelligent Enterprise. The Map lays out how organizations can leverage all of their assets to be successful while navigating external pressures.

A blueprint for succes

Embedded analytics

MicroStrategy embedded analytics empowers Intelligent Enterprises with highly customized and powerful web and mobile reporting applications that match your organization’s brand. Easily embed sophisticated analytical functionality in existing applications, integrate into a custom product offering, or extend MicroStrategy with 3rd-party capabilities.

What's New in MicroStrategy 2019

MicroStrategy 2019 is here. With the latest release, users can build and consume analytic content even faster by tapping into enhanced mapping capabilities, new out-of-the-box visualizations, and enhanced functionality for MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Workstation. Organisations now have more ways to deliver insights to any device, and can accelerate their journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

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"This project is probably one of the most fun to mention. We're processing close to 15 TB of data, gathered by 24 national post offices, 180 postal operators, 3.000 RFID Gates in 50 countries on 20 different mail registration devices. This adds up to more than 3 billion data inputs per year or 10 million tracking events per day. It's massive.With this project, we're displaying our total consultancy capacity: from ETL over MicroStrategy to Ad Hoc training.

International Postal Company


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