In this digital age, data exists all around us. It has never been more important to enable people with trustworthy information so they can make the right decisions on time. MicroStrategy’s Enterprise Platform empowers organizations to go beyond traditional business intelligence. By leveraging the latest technologies, insights are made accessible to everyone. Wherever they are, whenever they need them.

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Our differentiator. World’s first zero-click analytics.


Making the right decision and taking subsequent action has never been easier. Thanks to HyperIntelligence, zero-click insights are injected into any business application. HyperIntelligence Web makes your web applications 100 times smarter. HyperIntelligence Office injects actionable insights right into your email. Carry around your entire business in your pocket with HyperIntelligence Mobile.

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Beautiful Dossiers

Imagine it. Build it. Within minutes.

The sky is the limit thanks to MicroStrategy 2020. Limitations in terms of data and visualization are a thing of the past. Build dossiers exactly the way you imagined them. The sharing and responsive-design characteristics allow you to share your dossiers with anyone, any way you want to.

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Custom Applications

Highly formatted web and mobile apps.

Transform every role and business profile within your organization using intelligent web and mobile enterprise applications. Put answers in the hands of your on-the-go workers. Starting from the sales floor, all the way to the C-suite. Quickly build and deploy actionable applications that accelerate workflows and change the way employees work, wherever they are.