Your data could be doing more

How we experience data is not what it used to be. An effective dashboard is great, but it’s not the solution to every problem. You want to get more value from your data, do more with your data and enable others to work with your data in multiple ways. That’s why Looker provides more options to help you unleash more powerful data experiences.

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Embedded analytics

Modern BI & Analytics Serve up real-time dashboards for more in-depth analysis. Easy access to trustworthy data enables fresh results for better reporting. Enhance the tools you’re already using by infusing new, relevant data. Unify and empower your teams to make more effective, data-informed decisions.

Multi-cloud and the power of choice

Choose your cloud We are committed to a multi-cloud strategy and will continue to support multiple data sources and deployment methods to provide customers choice without compromising on transparency, security and privacy.

Build better products and monetize data

One platform, quick time-to-value & smarter operating Provide customers the valuable data they need to increase revenue streams and reduce costs. Use git workflows and version history for easy collaboration at scale.

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Massively scalable

Update user permissions and business metric definitions all in one place and propagate changes to all endpoints instantly.

Enterprise grade security

In-database architecture means you never have to move your data and reduce your attack surface. Authentication, permissioning and robust administration.

Best-in-class time to value

World class professional services to ensure you are up and running in a matter of days, and supported throughout your product development process.

Future-proof your investments

As your data and your business grow, you’re able to take advantage of the fastest databases. Better leverage your past and future data stack investments.