The next gen dashboard is no dashboard at all

HyperIntelligence delivers data insights in zero clicks

Stop wasting time looking for the right file or asking for access permissions. Just hover above the highlighted word or phrase in your file, mail or website page and get the information you need. Contact information, important cases updates? With HyperIntelligence™, zero-clicks insights are now available everywhere, all the time, for everyone.

Make your data investments worth it

In general, only 30 percent of a company’s workforce uses data in their daily work. With companies investing millions into analytics and other data initiatives, that’s a lot of money for little use. Usually the need to dive deep into complicated dashboards or access request form obstacles to getting more people on board. By lowering the barrier for access, HyperIntelligence and Cards ensure more widespread and daily use, increasing the return from your investments.

Whether you’re answering emails or scrolling through a website, HyperCards can get answers in real time without interrupting your workflow—no clicks required, no new access permission needed. Only a Chrome browser plug in! Make core information available for everyone in no time. Hyperintelligence works also with your own BI tool!

The advantages of HyperCards

  • Not even a click away
  • Use your time efficiently
  • Everything in one spot
  • Tailor to your own needs
  • One download and you’re ready
  • Standard integration with Salesforce, Outlook, Office 365 AND Power BI

Curious as to how HyperIntelligence can empower your organisation?

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HyperOffice: take Office beyond 365

For your integration with Office 365, HyperIntelligence offers HyperOffice. It supercharges Outlook with zero-click analytics. Simply by hovering over predefined keywords, you get cards with different KPIs and insights.

Tailor-made to your organization

An easy drag-and-drop editor for your Hypercards and the ability seamlessly combine over 200 data sources, lets you tailor HyperIntelligence to your organization’s specific needs. The abundance of possibilities to surface insights through HyperIntelligence and integrations with some of the biggest enterprise tools makes it a sure-fire fit for any and all workflows. Even on the go through an iOS app.


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Zero clicks, infinite insights

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Extended capabilities of HyperIntelligence


Ask questions, get instant answers.

Integrate MicroStrategy with Alexa or Google Home to turn analytics applications into a voice-enabled personal coach. Boost productivity by blending insights into existing workflows.


Personalized insights on every wall.

Turn a screen into a dynamic, intelligent display that presents a personalized view of information based on who is standing nearby. Use digital identity to transform offices and facilities into spaces that inspire data-driven collaboration and action.


A smarter way to see.

Hold up your device for an augmented reality experience that overlays insights on objects and surroundings. Use image recognition to scan products and check inventory, or use GPS location to get an instant customer brief as you walk into your meeting.

What MicroStrategy users say:

“We built a card that included critical KPIs sourced from multiple databases and applications and had it in our users’ hands—all in under 30 minutes.”