The Google Cloud Platform

Everything to build and scale your BI

Looking for a solution provider that does it all when it comes to business intelligence? Then Google’s Cloud Platform is the thing for you. From solid, secure and future-proof infrastructure to analytics and visualization, you’ll get a comprehensive package built on the search giant’s own best practices. What better way to get value from data than with the company that grew big of off it?

What the Google Cloud Platform can do

Powerful infrastructure

From computational power to storage, databases and networking, Google offers the tools to create a secure, high-performance, cost-effective and future-proof infrastructure.

(Big) Data analytics

Effortlessly tap into any amount of data to find answers quicker and build better products. BigQuery, data warehousing, Hadoop, Spark, and more help you get the most out of analytics.

Data transfer

Get your data where it needs to be securely and quickly with Google’s data transfer services. Whether you’re moving online of offline.

Internet of Things

Google Cloud offers an intelligent platform for all your Internet of Things efforts. Gather all the data and use the platform’s other offerings to gain business insights from your devices.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

‘Hey Google, empower my business with AI.’ Within the platform you can use a multitude of AI services that – coupled with your corporate data – will reinvent the way you do business.

Management tools

Keep a close eye on your data environment. Monitoring, logging, diagnostics and more, are here to help you keep tabs on everything with an easy-to-use web console or mobile app.


The Google Cloud Platform is secured by the search giant’s own security model. More impenetrable than Fort Knox and with full control over access and resource visibility, you can rest assured your data is safe.

Build and scale your data efforts with Google

Ready to harness the power of Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning for your organization? We’re here to help.

Unlock trusted insights with the Google Cloud Platform

Committed to open source, industry leading, scalable performance at a great price point; we believe Google Cloud is the perfect platform for taking data to the next level. At Agiliz, we examine how the platform can best support and boost your data approach. Fully committed or just need a part of it, we look at what’s best for you. Drawn the blueprint? Then our experts get to work implementing it.

Why Google Cloud?


Backed by the same multi-layered security technology as Google’s private global network, users can rest assured their data us safe.

High availability

Designed for maximum reliability and uptime, Google’s data centers ensure your data machine keeps on churning out insights 24/7.


Worried about the environmental impact of your data efforts? Every Google Cloud product has zero net carbon emissions due to renewable energy purchases and hyper-efficient data centers.


Contrary to the name, with Google Cloud you choose where to host your data and apps. On-premise, a hybrid setup, multi-cloud, on Google Cloud, or other providers, pick what’s best for you.


Don’t be bogged down with worries about capacity, reliability and performance. With serverless coding, you can focus on getting answers from your data.

Open source

To enable faster innovation the Google Cloud Platform embraces open source. No vendor lock-in. An extensive cross-cloud API platform and ecosystem helps it fit into how you want to work.


Google’s technological advances are seamlessly integrated into Google Cloud, allowing you to harness it for your business. Easy-to-use AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities further push the boundaries.


Scaling your business intelligence has never been easier with Google Cloud’s BigQuery. A platform that grows with your business. Neat, right?

Recognition in reports

Google Cloud offers a leading platform for anyone interested in data and analytics. It’s capabilities have been reaffirmed multiple times by research firms such as Gartner and Forrester.

Put your data on the road to success with Google Cloud

The Google Cloud Platform offers the most comprehensive solution to unlock the insights hidden in your corporate data. Especially when combined with Looker. Ready to get on the road to data success? Contact us now