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No matter how intricate and thought-out your data approach is, if you don’t have the tools to support it you’ll have a though road ahead. Which is why Agiliz has partnered with some of the best tools on the block. Our partners offer quality tools, innovative features, performance, … In short, everything you might need to get the most out of your data efforts. Prefer a different tool or already using a certain technology stack? Together we’ll have a look at whether we should integrate our tools with yours or we’ll just realize and support your data goals with what you have or want. Check out how we help your company move forward.

Our partners


Lauded by research firms such as Gartner and Forrester, MicroStrategy offers everything an intelligent enterprise might need. Their BI platform analyzes all your data. Insights can be delivered however you want. Be it mobile apps, user adoption tools such as voice assistants, displays and flashcards, or something else. That way you can increase the ROI of your investments.

Data analytics ; mobile BI ; user adoption ; data delivery ; data visualization ; business intelligence; federated analytics


Offering business intelligence software and a big data analytics platform, Looker helps companies explore, analyze and share their business data and insights easily. With the goal to make data insights available to everyone where and when they need it, this BI platform offers everything you need from analytics to visualization to find the hidden gems in your corporate data.

Business intelligence ; data analytics; big data; data visualization ; data delivery ; embedded analytics ; applications ; data delivery ; data modeling

Google Cloud Platform

Infrastructure, data management, data warehousing and lakes, analytics, AI, you name it and the Google Cloud Platform probably does it. The company that became big thanks to data and careful analysis to offer tailored experiences, now make their knowledge and tools available to companies through this platform.

Data lake; data preparation; data integration; data analytics; business intelligence; data management; applications; AI; machine learning; data warehouse ; data transformation


A data platform built for the cloud, Snowflake supports and augments data lake strategies, helps build data pipelines and applications, and can be used to scale BI and analytics. For those at the forefront of innovation, the platform can be used to prep data for AI and machine learning use cases.

Data lake; data warehouse ; data preparation ; big data ; platform-as-a-service ; data management ; data delivery


Pentaho, a Hitachi Vantara product, offers a data integration and analytics platform. It is a solid tool for everyone integrating different data sources, preparing databases and sets, automating data flows and other ETL actions.

Data integration; data preparation ; ETL ; data management ; data delivery ; data transformation

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In the market for BI, data platforms or more, with our partners’ tools, or already using them? We’ll make sure you get the most out of them.