Experience the strength of your company's network to the fullest and work together more efficiently with HeRoes

The HeRoes app enables your employees to work together more efficiently through improved transparency and the right connections with the right people.

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Organisations with 100 employees or more may find it challenging to keep track of their employees. What are their capabilities, who should they work with, how can they best contribute to the company’s objectives, or what are their needs and what can your company do for them? That’s where the app HeRoes comes in. Here are its capabilities.


Simplify the onboarding process


Facilitate knowledge exchange


Centralise event management


The HeRoes app welcomes every new employee through a uniform onboarding roadmap that invites users to follow a number of steps, such as a meeting with the HR department, Fleet Management, IT department, etc.

Using the scan feature to establish connection with the HeRoes app, each step, or meeting, can be digitally registered and checked off by both parties, simply by scanning a QR code. This feature allows a newcomer to verify which steps have already been completed, and easily find out who they should still be meeting with and network efficiently from the very first day. Employee onboarding information can be consulted afterwards for follow up, evaluation and further improvement, if needed.

HR and other management departments determine which steps should be followed for every newcomer to guarantee a smooth start, as opposed to waiting for computer access to be granted or your new employee cluelessly looking for the right colleague or manager to get started.

My Events

Employees get an overview and updates of all upcoming events that they are invited to in the My Events module. HeRoes allows them to register and even attend events without the need for any paper tickets or a looking for lost emails, simply by scanning their employee badge or a QR code.

My Personal Book

Working or starting to work in a larger organisation equals seeing many new faces daily. My Personal Book gives users an overview of who they have connected with through the Who is who module. This enables your employees to communicate effortlessly with their newly made connections via different channels, enabling to work together more efficiently. HeRoes also offers the opportunity to organise, register and check off meetings through the badge.


Similar to how the onboarding module welcomes newcomers, the HeRoes app also facilitates the generally tedious exit process for employees by again providing several steps to complete, such as a meeting with HR, Service Desk and Fleet Management.

Who is who

Within larger organisations it is more difficult to make the right connections, because traditional who is who introductions are often found to fall short due to their limited character.

HeRoes allows for efficient networking opportunities and closer, more personal connections by suggesting which people may be interesting to meet with. Based on employees' department and which role they fulfil within the company, they can associate with the adequate people more easily and efficiently, which favours optimal knowledge exchange and partnerships, and ultimately achieving your company’s objectives.


HeRoes is all about efficacy and efficiency, also when it comes to events. Through the Events module, the HeRoes app proposes a centralised tool to create, manage and update all your company’s events. No need to have met every single employee personally or ask around who to invite. Discover which groups of employees are interesting to invite, based on their company role, department or connections.

This Events module allows you to create efficient networking opportunities for your employees and avoid forgetting to invite someone important. Push notifications in the HeRoes app keep your invitees up to date and the app's digital identification process enables you to follow up how many people and who did or didn't end up joining your event.

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