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Everything you need to get value from data

At Agiliz, we’re men and women on a mission: to help you unlock the trusted insights within your data for everyone. After all the amount of it is ever increasing and more and more of your business is depending on it. But getting your all this information sorted isn’t just a necessary evil. Hidden within it are the means to boost, transform and innovate your business. To achieve that we create solid solutions that empower your business strategy while eliminating constraints of scale, performance and cost. With real-time insights based on trusted data, we boost everything from decision-making to innovation.


To get real value, combining data sources and opening them up is key. We’ll help you unlock the value in your data by making sure the architectural base of your data sources is unshakable, future-proof and secure.


You want to trust the insights and dashboards that emerge from your data sources and keep tabs on what happens with them. We ensure clear-cut governance and an understandable semantic layer on which you can build now and in the future.


From dashboards and analytics to data science and AI, together we make sure you gain the insights needed to solve your business needs and reach your goals.

For everyone

An impeccable data infrastructure means little if no one uses them. Instead of users needing to adapt at technology, we look at who needs your data and how they best consume it. By doing so we ensure an optimal adoption rate and return on investment.

Happy customers

We help you achieve

Improved customer experience

Understand your customer better than ever before thanks to data. Track and identify trends within the market to distinguish fad from actual change. New services and products or helping clients faster, everything is possible with data. Getting you happy customers by providing a better experience is the goal.

Efficient processes

Hidden within your data lies the possibility to transform your business processes. Automate and pilot your production lines based on AI forecasts or improve your internal administration by letting information flow to the right systems. With data as our weapon of choice, we make sure your organization runs silky-smooth.

Product and service innovation

Data can do more than just support your current offering. It’s also a birthing ground for innovative products and new sources of revenue through, for instance, data monetization. With trusted insights for everyone at the base of that innovation, your imagination is the limit.

Regulatory compliance

Maybe surprisingly, data and regulations such as GDPR are nothing short of a match made in heaven, especially when working with a clear, trusted and perfectly governed architecture. If built on the right bedrock, data can help you better and easily comply with the law. From meticulously keeping track of product ingredients to quickly producing the right documents, data makes regulatory headaches history.

Better decision-making

Making the right decision for your business is often a leap in the dark. But not when you have data. The insights hidden within can get you a factual base to set the course of your organization. We help you go beyond gut-feeling.

Insert your goal here

Our list of goals is anything but exhaustive. There’s plenty more things you can achieve with data. Running into a different challenge? We’re happy to have a look at how data can help overcome your it.

Unlocking data in the most efficient way for your company?

Let’s meet! Together we’ll have a look at where your corporate data can provide added value and how we’ll realise this goal.

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